Simple or multiple immunostaining

An increasing range of reagents and fluorochromes allows many multiple immunostaining on cell suspensions.  

The GIGA-Imaging and Flow Cytometry platform has 5 different cytometers which allows a variety of analysis.  

Depending of the fluorochromes, samples will be analysed on the most appropriate instrument (up to 15 colors) by the person in charge of the facility or by the researchers themselves, if they have previously been trained to the proper utilisation of the instruments. 

The head of the facility will assure advice and technical assistance. 


Depending on the applications and the chosen fluorochromes, 5 cytometers (BD Biosciences) are available for analysis.

  • FACSCalibur: for up to 4 colors, including fluorochromes requiring a 633nm (for example: APC)
  • FACSCanto II: maximum 8 colors
  • FACSVerse: Walk-away system for maximum 8 colors
  • FACSFortessa : maximum 18 colors
  • FACSAria III u: maximum 14 colors
  • FACSAria III: maximum 15 colors

The head of the facility is available for any advice concerning the choice of cytometer and fluorochromes or read the general specifications of our available flow cytometers.



  • For data acquisition:

      - FACSDiva (for FACSCanto II, FACSFortessa or FACSAria III 4L SORP acquisition)
      - CellQuest Pro (for FACSCalibur 2 lasers acquisition)
      - FACSuite (for FACSVerse acquisition)

  • For data analysis:
    - Flow JO

All these softwares are also available on a computer independant from the cytometers. Cytometers have to be used in prioritory for data acquisition and not for data analysis.



All these equipements can be used by researchers themselves. Prior using these equipments, it is however mandatory to:

  • read the platform regulation and to accept its terms
  • fill the Biosafety Level 1 form (Français/English) before any new experiment
  • to follow a training: all users must be trained by the platform coordinator, not by other users. If you are already experienced in using such instrument, the coordinator will supervise your first session to verify that you are able to handle it correctly and according to the local operating procedures.

The use of the cytometer is scheduled on the GIGA intranet.



Raw data and/or data analysis with softwares for cytometry have to be saved and exported by the costumers. A printer is also available to print the data. Long term storage is not assured by the facility. It has to be done by the costumer himself.



Form to fill before any NEW experiment : Biosafety Level 1 form (Français/English)



If you are interested, call  Sandra Ormenese or Raafat Stephan


If you have any questions, refer to the FAQs or mail to