This analysis will be performed by the researcher or by a member of the platform staff on the FACSCanto II, the FACSFortessa or the FACSVerse.

In general, it is usefull to have a discussion before the beginning of the experiment to ensure a proper preparation of the samples.



The FACSCanto II and the FACSVerse can be used by researchers themselves. Before any access to this equipment, it is however mandatory to :

  • read the platform regulation and to accept its terms
  • fill the Biosafety Level 1 form (Français/English) before any new experiment
  • to follow a training: all users must be trained by the platform coordinator, not by other users. If you are already experienced in using such instrument, the coordinator will supervised your first session to verify that you can handle the instrument correctly and according to the local oparating procedures.

The use of the cytometer will be scheduled on the GIGA intranet.



The CBA requires the FCap Array software (see more) (BD Biosciences) which is available on a computer independant from the cytometers. Computers piloting the flow cytometers have to be used in prioritory for data acquisition and not for data analysis.


Raw data and/or data analysed with softwares for cytometry have to be saved and exported by the costumer. A printer is also available to print the data out. Long-term storage is not performed by the facility and has to be done by the costumer himself.


Form to fill before any new experiment : Biosafety Level 1 form (Français/English).



If you are interested, contact  Sandra Ormenese or Raafat Stephan


If you have any questions, refer to the FAQs or mail to