Cell sorting

Cell sorting and cloning will exclusively be performed on the FACSAria III u or the FACSAria III cytometers by Sandra Ormenese, in charge of the facility or Raafat Stephan, the flow cytometry specialist of the facility. 


The FACSAria III u and the FACSAria III offer the possibility to sort safely potentially infected cells such as unfixed human cells or cells infected by virus into four sub-populations.
It is possible to work in sterile conditions on both cytometers and to do cell cloning on 96-well plates. 

It is mandatory to have a discussion with Sandra Ormenese or Raafat Stephan before the beginning of the experiment to choose between the two FACS cell sorters and to assure a proper preparation of the samples.



Sorted cells are directly available. The composition of the suspension will be analysed and printed.



Form to fill before any experiment : Biosafety Level 2 form (Français/English)



If you are interested, contact Sandra Ormenese or Raafat Stephan.


If you have any questions, refer to the FAQs or mail to imaging.giga@ulg.ac.be