Free-access equipment training


All new users must pass a previuos training, given by the platform staff, to be able tu use independently the free-access platform equipment. Please, contact the platform staff to book a training session (2 hours). If the observations you have to do is urgent and you do not have the possibility to wait for the training, you have to be accompanied by a colleague who is used to work with the microscope and is allowed to use one of our equipment.

Experience design support (dye choice, etc.)

It’s crucial to know the excitation and emission spectra of all the fluorochrome you use for your experiments, to be able to configure the optical path as it should be and acquire very good images on our microscopes. The platform staff can help you to choose the right fluoresence labelling strategy in accordance with our equipments.


Image and data

The cell imaging Platform has different softwares to open and to analyze the images. You can use the microscope viewers corresponding to the machine or the Imaris viewer ( but for specific analysis, we recommend you to use the ImageJ free software (


Microscope viewers:

Leica SP2 (LCS Lite)

Leica SP5 (LAS AF Lite)

Olympus Fluoview1000 (FV10-ASW)

Nikon A1R (newsletter on how to export TIFFs files from Nikon files)


Useful links for plugins to open files and to perform image analysis with ImageJ:

-        Using ImageJ with .lif files:   LOCI Bio-formats (microscope files plugin) (Download and copy to ImageJ\plugins then restart ImageJ)

-        Nikon ND2 Reader (

-        Images analysis with ImageJ (

-        Particles analysis (

-        Colocalization ( and

-        …

Don’t hesitate to contact the platform for advice for image analysis