The GIGA zebrafish facility is a state of the art facility holding over 600 tanks split up into 3 separate multi-rack systems (main facility) and 3 stand-alone systems (quarantine).  The facility currently holds 15000 Zebrafish (Danio Rerio) whose health (high standard of care given) is closely and accurately monitored by an experienced staff.  


It currently provides housing support for researchers from several departments at Liege University but also offers individually-tailored support and services for external researchers and companies interested in using zebrafish


Photo de l’animalerie


  • Six microinjection platforms for transgenesis and mutants generation
  • Fluorescence microscopes and stereomicroscopes with camera and image analysis software
  • Motorised advance Vibroslice Campden MA752
  • Automated whole mount in situ hybridization station
  • Zebrabox: high throughput solution for behavorial analysis data

The ZebraBox includes:

  • A video system to record the behaviour on up to 96 larvae (high resolution camera, lens)
  • A lighting system to trigger night On/Off,
  • An infrared illumination for steady lighting,
  • High resolution and high frame rate recording,
  • System Scalable to any plate : 6, 12, 24, 48 and 96 well plates.

The Zebrabox allows capturing motion of individual larvae placed in a 96-well microplate, or group motion in a Petri dish. The software analyses motion time and speed, and can draw the path that larvae swim.

 zebrabox2    Larvaezebrabox

The zebrafish larvae activity can be modulated by light / dark period, and by drugs.The ZebraLab software enables to automate this task and various experiment involving movement of organs (such as the gut transit or blood flow).


The system lets you load the videos you have acquired from your microscope. After selecting the zone where the heart is moving, the software will calculate the heart beat for each period of time. Several fish may be placed under the camera to allow medium throughput analysis.


An increasing number of high quality, peer-reviewed papers concerning behaviour and conditioning have been published recently.


zebratrack heart beating

You can find more information on this system on http://www.vplsi.com