Molecular Imaging

Molecular imaging is performed by analyzing a whole sample by MALDI-TOF or MALDI-FTICR, every spectrum representing a pixel of the image. It is therefore possible to build the image of every ion present in the spectra and therefore detects local differences in sample composition.


Molecular imaging can be performed on lipids, peptides, proteins or small molecules. Please contact us for further information and feasibility.


Protein Purification


Mass Spectrometry requires volatile buffer to be used. When the sample is not in a suitable buffer or the provided solution is too diluted, a desalting or centration step is used. Two techniques of desalting/concentration are available in our facility. The technique will be chosen depending on several parameters (volume of sample, composition of solution, etc.).


Zip-Tip C4 or C18

Zip-Tip is a tip containing C4 or C18 phase packed in the end of the tip. It allows desalting and concentrating samples that are in aqueous buffer. C18 Zip-Tips are used for peptides and small proteins whereas C4 Zip-Tips are used for higher mass proteins.


Amicon Ultra-0.5mL (cut-off 3 kDa)

Amicon Ultra-0.5mL are filtration devices with dialysis vertical membrane that allows reducing the volume and performing buffer exchange with spin times lower than 2.5 hours. It allows desalting and concentrating samples that are in aqueous and organic buffer up to 500 µL (volume up to 4 mL can also be desalted using the same technique).



Proteins are precipitated using 2D-clean up kit (GE Healthcare) to remove detergents, chaotrops, salts, lipids,…


Gel electrophoresis

Both 1D- and 2D- PAGE/DIGE gels can be performed in our facility.


Please contact us for more information.