The GIGA has growing interactions with private companies, and the setting up of a proper quality policy became a necessity. For this purpose, initiatives began in September 2010 in order to allow an excellent standardization of the services provided by the technology platforms of the GIGA. With this decision, the governance of the GIGA clearly made a commitment to bring an additional added value to our exterior services, as it is described in the Quality Manual.

Various actions and procedures are gradually implemented in the different technology platforms of the GIGA, each of them having specific requirements related to its field of activity (ISO 9001, GLP, and GMP) and related to its clients needs.


These different referentials are followed by the platforms, which are not necessarily accredited or certified :

  • The Genomics platform: ISO 9001
  • The Mouse facility (SPF) and Transgenics platform: GLP-like
  • The Zebrafish facility and Transgenics platform: GLP-like
  • The Proteomics platform: GMP-like.

The traceability, the suppliers' audit, the documentation, the implementation of the procedures, the environmental monitoring and a follow-up of the staff's trainings are some of the means allowing us to meet the quality requirements.

Furthermore, the traceability is a crucial issue for all these standards and also in the quality of the provided results. We have implemented various systems to monitor and follow up:

  • The staff (skills/competencies, trainings, etc...)
  • The samples since their arrival up to the "release" of the results
  • The reagent,
  • The maintenances and qualifications of the devices,

Several platforms have already been audited upon customers request. This allowed us to validate the system in place, or to further implement it according to specific requests in order to meet as closely as possible the needs of the companies.