Business Management

Established in 2007, the GIGA Technology platforms gather now more than 30 people whose mission is to offer services to industrial and academic customers. The team consists of experts and analysts of the covered technology areas, a quality manager who ensures compliance with quality standards (ISO9001 and ISO17025), a business manager in charge of customers' interactions and a director.


The business manager ensures that the platforms are able to meet the demands of its current and future business. She is in charge of the implementation of cross management tools in technology platforms (computerized management of services, quotes and invoices, access to generated data and their secure storage, …) and interactions with the quality manager.

A close collaboration with the platforms managers allows the follow up of customers assays/testings and ensures relevance of the interactions.


Business management also covers the management of the GIGA-Business Facilities, currently hosting 24 biotech SMEs employing about 80 people on the site.


Joint action with stakeholders such as Bridge 2 Health (Medical Innovation Center), ULg TTO (valorization, IP), the University Hospital and CIDE-SOCRAN fosters synergies between biomed operators and offers companies an integrated service.

Christina Franssen
Business Developer
+32 4 366 98 32