Proteomics is the study of the proteome of a cell, a tissue or an organism. It characterizes the proteins and their modifications and requires constant evolution and investments (in time, task forces and instruments) which are not easily affordable for a laboratory not specialized in biochemistry and mass spectrometry.


The GIGA Proteomic Facility is hosted by Mass Spectrometry Laboratory and works in collaboration with the Center for Analytical Research and Technology under scientific supervision of Professor Edwin De Pauw.


Besides proteomics, the platform also offers a service in terms of proteins characterization (sequencing, post-translational modifications, heterogeneity…) and targeted quantification (biologics, biomarkers).


The management of the quality assurance is common with CART and follows ISO17025 norm. The Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, which hosts the GIGA Proteomic Facility, has received the agreement of the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAHMP) for qualitative identification of proteins in 2012. It allows the Facility analyzing proteins and delivering analysis certificate for them if they are used as raw material by GMP companies.


The close connection between the GIGA Proteomic platform and multidisciplinary ULg laboratories such as Mass Spectrometry Laboratory (LSM, Prof. Edwin De Pauw), Center of Protein Engineering (CIP, Prof. Moreno Galleni) and Center for Analytical Research and Technology (CART, Prof. Edwin De Pauw) synergizes scientific emulation and supports essential developments needed in Proteomics.


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